Yitiao 一条 is one of the most influential video media in China. Its cross-platform publishing via WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao,Youtube, etc. covers millions of audience in China and globally.

Yitiao specialises in featuring short films of outstanding people in various fields including lifestyle, culture, arts, architecture, industry design, handcraft, interior design, food, literature, movie, showcasing their philosophy and understanding of life aesthetics. It launched “Chinese Collector Series” in 2020, featuring the homes of leading Chinese collectors, which brings together the relevant audience and valuable networks to cultural and art brands.

In 2021 August, to echo with the Masterpiece Online, we secured a feature of the Philip Hewat-Jaboor, the Chairman of Masterpiece Fair, by Yitiao. Though working via Zoom and with local production team, Yitiao finally presented an impressive story of Philip. The content hit 100k views on WeChat within 48 hours, 46k plays on Youtube.

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Cross-Collecting, Cross East and West

Panel Discussion |Negotiating the Identity of Contemporary Chinese Art

SVG Interactive WeChat for Damien Hirst

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